Montag, 20. Mai 2013

Yahoo! Case Study - Update

Timing couldn't have been better, almost as if ordered, Yahoo! announces today that it acquired Tumblr just as we start into our second part of case-studies around Strategies in the Internet Era, among them a very current look at the strategic options of corporate internet verteran Yahoo! And as predicted back in November it makes obvious sense for Yahoo to acquire (social media) content sites in order to build on its strategic asset of its advertising plattform - particularly sites with a predominant US-focus but also an option to grow internationally. With tumblr it should also be able to get into social media based targeting.
The real question behind the Tumblr deal is rather why did not any of the other big players pick-up Tumblr?
As preparation for our in class discussion, please re-visit the earlier blog article and have a look&browse at the links included in this post, including this one which gives an overview of Yahoo's past acquisitions and this very recent one about yet another Yahoo acquisition following on the heels of the Tumblr deal.


  1. Also interesting - and fitting nicely to one the findings of our resource-based analysis, namely that Yahoo! will most likely aim to improve its human resource base and organisational behavior:

  2. And as if they had been listening in on our seminar discussion: Yahoo! aims to acquire Hulu:

  3. Current Developments with Yahoo:
    Yahoo seems to follow a strongly content-supported strategy, see for example:

    At the same time its Chinese investment is continuingly developing and also going - among other directions - towards content, but in this instance alrgely UGC: