Montag, 8. Dezember 2014

The PR Subway Ride

The PR Subway Ride, Gregor Hopf
Public Relations is an art working underneath but not in secret. The people you want to talk to - the people you want to move - meet with you and your story voluntarily and allow you in consent to move them to a place where they might not have gone without you. That is why I chose the metaphor of a subway ride for the new and fully revised edition of our Public Relations for Managers course - a crash course for active and future managers who need a hands-on introduction to this discipline.
The course is thaught with different empheses in our bachelor and master programmes but always with active media training sessions. The subway map therefore shows five distinct lines:
  • The Yellow Line leads to a better understanding of Public and Media Relations in general, with stops at a description of the regular and diverse PR-tasks, the multi-facetted media landscape (with examples from Germany) and a general discussion of possible definitions and the different types of PR. It digresses a little bit to discuss the concepts of credibility and branding-image-positioning and reputation.
  • The Blue Line offers a ride through the craftmanship behind Public Relations, starting with an in-depth look at different PR-tools and means, continuing to media-partnerships and an attempt to categorize what constitutes news. It travels on to look at the general PR-process, the task of generating news-stories and brings the ride to a conclusion with a final destination stop at PR-planning.
  • The Green Line goes into a few select specialty disciplines, namely Corporate (Social) Responsiblilty Communication and Crisis Communication, which will be the point of departure in the seminar for some applied case studies.
  • The Red Line leads to a number of active media training sessions, in which the seminar participants learn to appreciate the role and function of the gatekeeper and how to work with him or her instead of against.
  •  And finally the Black Line is the path to 'further wisdom', i.e. literature and online case-study sources.
For those who want to click through the supporting prezi-slides, here they are. Feel free to share, comment and suggest:

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