Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2017

Online-Materialien für Advanced Media Concepts - Transmedia Storytelling

We will delve into Transmedia Storytelling as part of the Seminar "Advanced Media Concepts." Below find a list of links for anybody who wants to start browsing about this still extremely interesting topic even though it has become somewhat of an 'old hat' already. It continues to be a popular tool in advertising, particularly for creating advance awareness and brand engagement. Unfortunately, as part of a storytelling universe transmedia is too often reduced to a "Second Screen" strategy.

In order to prepare for our seminar everybody should have read the first two Jenkins articles. While reading have a think about: 'radical inter-textuality', 'multi-polar-structures', 'the eternal middle: the need to have the story continuously remain between exposition and resolution' and 'expansion of meaning'. I am looking forward to our class discussions.

Linklist Transmedia Storytelling:

Jenkins, Henry (2003): "Transmedia Storytelling", MIT TechnologyReview
Jenkins, Henry (2007): "Transmedia Storytelling 101"; Confessions of an Aca-Fan
Iacobacci, Nicoletta: "From crossmedia to transmedia: thoughts on the future of entertainment", Lunch over IP (May 24, 2008), retrieved April 20, 2011;
Lloyd, Robert: "Q&A: Transmedia guru Henry Jenkins on 'Lost', negative capability and that 'Sopranos' ending", Los Angeles Times (March 25, 2010), retrieved April 20, 2011;
Gamified and Transmedia Advertising Examples:
Moving on to Interactive Storytelling:

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