Freitag, 28. Oktober 2016

Practical Challenges with IoT - Panel Discussion at Princeton University (CITP Conference on Security and Privacy for the Internet of Things)

I know the video is an hour long, but it is worthwhile watching to get a feel and understanding of the practical and ethical challenges we are currently encountering on the way to an IoT-world, largely centred around data security and privacy but also in terms of change management, dealing and educating the consumer and most fundamentally IT-infrastructure.

What I think is important to keep in mind when watching is that the points made and issues raised are not here to scare us or stop the development but they are essential to make us aware of the curves and bends we have to navigate on this path to billions and billions of smart devices which we are about to trust to run our cities, our homes and our lives.
If these topics interest you make sure to also have a look through the other CITP panel discussions.

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