Montag, 2. April 2018

Course Material Social Media Communication March 2018

For the upcoming course about social media we will need some case studies to apply our learnings to real-world examples. On the left, you will find a list of the top performing global brands on Instagram in the first three quarters of 2017. Below is a list of recently successful social media campaigns:

Have a look at TrueFruits: What are they doing right? Why is it working?

Here is a list of successful German corporate blogs. How are they able to engage their users? How do they translate their brand into social media content? How do they integrate other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram?

If you are particularly interessted in Instagram, look up Westwing to see how Instagram can be interegrated into an eCommerce strategy which must lead all users to its website and how its content clearly zooms in to its female client-base. Have a look at Founders Brewing, Chameleon Cold Brew or Eating Evolved to learn about how Instagram Stories, user-generated-content and hashtags are being used. If you prefer the look from the influencer's point-of-view, highlights successful influencers every month (here is the current list from February 2018) and the most successful Influencer marketing posts (here the list from February 2018)

Naturally, YouTube is a central social media channel with its own "rules of success." What do you think, why were these YouTube spots so successful early this year? And why do you think so many people enjoyed watching or rather hearing Alexa losing her voice (Hint: what is the essence of storytelling and what is comedy)?

We will also look into social media guidelines. Here is the link to an earlier blog-article with many examples to delve into and analyse.


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