Dienstag, 22. Mai 2018

Uber comes to the same strategy conclusions as our students

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It could not have been better orchestrated: two weeks ago we finished this semester's course on Strategy Development for Digital Markets using Uber as a case study. Last Friday Uber announced its strategy for Germany. And not surprisingly, they came up with pretty much the same strategy as our students: build the Uber platform into a general mobility platform and offering its functionality to European cities in order to help them with their traffic issues. Some of Uber's ideas, e.g. offering e-bikes, feels like they have actually been listening in on the students' discussions. The students, however, also know what the success of this strategy will most likely depend on - since they played it through using Strategic War Games. As a hint: it will depend on how farsighted the cities' representatives are and that in turn will depend on.... Well, you have to have been in the seminar to know.

Update (May 24th)
Oh and it even gets better, the students have also predicted that there will be increasing competition for the drivers. Uber and its competitors like Lyft will most likely try to lure them with special loyalty programs. And look and behold, that is exactly what Lyft and Uber have just announced. In their Strategic War Games the students, however, also came to a rather clear result about who will win this competitive tug of war. But again, you have to have been there to know.

Update (June 1st)
Lyft just announced they will acquire the US bike rental company Motivate. This move is exactly as predicted in the Strategic War Game as a response to Uber's earlier, opening move to build its platform into a general mobility platform. Now it starts to get interessting, but predictably it will take more time for the next updates - particularly with Waymo announcing rather susbtantial steps with regard to the roll out of autonomous taxi services.

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